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76.5 W x 101.5 H x 2 D cm


Ad Nauseum is part of a series of artworks made in 2019 which resulted from an interest in present day British and American politics. The ongoing Brexit debates influenced the artwork 'Ad Nauseum' (black & white) and 'Ad Nauseum' (black & grey). These pieces were inspired by the layers of complexity surrounding Brexit, the confusion of mixed messages coming from politicians and the incessant talk of ticking clocks with the extension of article 50 nearing.
In using optical illusion techniques, these artworks are purposefully difficult to look at, when the viewer diverges their eyes this can cause many layers to pop out but not simultaneously and obvious to the eye.

Knitted with 100% silk and stretched onto canvas.
Ready to hang.

Ad Nauseum (Black & White)

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